Piano Parties

Students are welcome to join me every quarter for a group lesson, or piano party. These are complimentary and usually run about an hour long. During each piano party, we will learn about a composer, play musical games, share our current piano pieces and then, of course…..PARTY! Snacks and a dance party are the grand finale.


The studio will hold one recital per year. The student will be required and expected to perform a piece by memory in front of friends and family. Beyond the music itself, we will focus on hand placement, posture, pedaling technique, and etiquette. The performance component of learning an instrument is fundamental to a child; not only does it instill pride and confidence, but it helps the student to steer themselves towards a successful result.

Music Competition

Eligible students will be able to compete in the National Music Federation annual piano competition. This is a wonderful program that further hones the performance component of piano practice.